One Thousand Books 2023: Bindle

1 – 3 December at O–Overgaden, Copenhagen

Where do you go to shop for artists’ books locally? 
Books are quite easy to distribute, but someone still has to do it. For 10 years, the festival One Thousand Books has helped spread the word about artists’ books. Now the time has come to take a look at the spaces where they are actually changing hands—the bookshops. Often run by publishers or artists themselves, the spaces for artists’ books play a vital role in selecting, distributing, and communicating the artworks. In 2023 O—Overgaden will host One Thousand Books on December 1–3. One Thousand Books will, from its base at O—Overgaden, hand out a map and compose a guided tour to a series of local, specialized bookshops. As a token of encouragement to visit your local bookshops, One Thousand Books 2023 will make a small edition of bindles, consisting of a wooden branch and a piece of fabric, perfect for carrying a stack of books, and silkscreen printed with a mapping of the spaces for artists’ books near you. Furthermore, at O—Overgaden, two visiting legends within the book world will each exhibit their take on how to create a space for artists’ books, while O—Overgaden will be the start-and-ending point of a tour around Copenhagen visiting spaces that deal with bookshopping in very different ways. 

One Thousand Books 2023: Bindle is supported by Danish Arts Foundation and Kvadrat.


Friday 1 December, OPENING
16:00 – 23:00

all day: Exhibition by international artist’s book spaces PUBLICS and San Serriffe
17:00 – 17:10 Presentation of this year’s edition: the Bindle
17:10 – 18:00 Mapping the audience – PUBLICS and San Serriffe in conversation
19:00 – 22:00 Artist Claus Haxholm got your ears covered
22:00 – 23:00 See you next time

Saturday 2 December
11:00 – 18:00

all day: Exhibition by international artist’s book spaces PUBLICS and San Serriffe
13:00 – 16:00 Copenhagen bus tour to visit 4 artist’s book spaces
13:00 Welcome at O–Overgaden. Introduction, departure
13:20 Fotografisk Center bookshop (Staldgade 16)
14:00 Bladr (Griffenfeldsgade 27)
14:30 Free coffee and snack
14:45 SUPeR (Blågårdsgade 13C)
15:20 Monday studio (Matthæusgade 21)
16:00 Arrival at O–Overgaden

Sunday 3 December
11:00 – 18:00

all day: Exhibition by international artist’s book spaces PUBLICS and San Serriffe
13:00 – 16:00 Copenhagen bus tour to visit 4 artist’s book spaces
13:00 Welcome at O–Overgaden. Introduction, departure
13:20 NW Gallery (Nansensgade 10)
14:00 Bladr (Griffenfeldsgade 27)
14:30 Free coffee and snack
14:45 SUPeR (Blågårdsgade 13C)
15:20 Storrs Antikvariat (Frederikssundsvej 61)
16:00 Arrival at O–Overgaden

2023 edition: the Bindle

Artists’ books are easily movable compared to other works of art, but it’s not optimal to just carry them by hand. They deserve a vessel to transport them in style. Inspired by old traditions of furoshiki wrapping, One Thousand Books made a limited edition of 50 bindles that can be acquired for just €10. They consist of a wooden branch and a piece of Kvadrat fabric with a special silkscreen printed mapping of recommended artists’ book spaces in the vicinity of Copenhagen. The Bindle is available during One Thousand Books and at O–Overgaden’s reception in the months after the release.

The recommended book spaces are:
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Monday studio
Kirkegaards Antikvariat
Kunsthal Aarhus
Det Lilla Rum
Le Petit Voyeur
Møllegades Boghandel
Fotografisk Center
Ark Books
Storrs Antikvariat
Annual Reportt
Obra Press
NW Gallery
San Serriffe (Amsterdam)
Kunstbokhandel Under Press (Bergen)
PUBLICS (Helsinki)
The Temporary Bookshelf (Helsinki)
Hopscotch Reading Room (Berlin)
Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam)
Enter Enter (Amsterdam)
Page Not Found (The Hague)
Tipi Photo Bookshop (Brussels)
Material (Zürich)
Fragment (online)
Torpedo (online)
Buchhandlung Walther König (online)
pro qm (online)
Konst-ig Books (online)
Printed Matter  (online)

Bus tours

Everyone is invited to come along for a bus tour of four of the most interesting artists’ book spaces in Copenhagen. At each space, there will be a short introduction by the shopkeeper and time to browse the books, ask questions, and maybe add a book to your bindle. You are welcome to join the tour at any point on the route. Underway our host Wilfred Wagner will entertain the guests. We meet at O–Overgaden on 2 and 3 December at 13:00 (sharp) and arrive back three hours later.

–––> To reserve a seat on the bus, send a quick email to info@onethousandbooks.org with the date and number of passengers.


One Thousand Books is really proud to present a showcase of two spaces for artists’ books that have had a substantial influence on how to meet and interact with an audience. San Serriffe in Amsterdam is a legendary bookshop that can always be counted on to have the most interesting artists’ books and bring them to life with an extensive event program. PUBLICS in Helsinki is a space where the curatorial practice is taken very seriously and the collection and catalogisation of artists’ books likewise. Their open and searchable library will make all bibliophiles drool.

The two spaces are invited to show a selection of titles, that will be available to browse or buy, in a site-specific exhibition architecture that draws on references from the supermarket book fairs One Thousand Books is known for.

PUBLICS is a curatorial and commissioning agency with a dedicated research library and event space in Helsinki, Finland. Under the artistic direction of curator Paul O'Neill, and team members Annabelle Antas, Valentina Černiauskaitė, Micol Curatolo, and PUBLICS Youth, PUBLICS explores a "work together" institutional model with multiple overlapping objectives, thematic strands and collaborations. PUBLICS is a constellation of practices, projects and productions. As such, PUBLICS proposes the term "Public" as always plural—as a concept; as a group of people (imagined, actualized or real); and as a contested spatio-temporal location/discourse in the world. PUBLICS develops out of Checkpoint Helsinki, a contemporary art initiative established in 2013. Since the opening in 2017, PUBLICS was developed by Paul O'Neill and Eliisa Suvanto (2018–2022). In its spirit, PUBLICS continues this organisation's commitment to critical social thinking, contemporary art and publicness.

San Serriffe
San Serriffe is an art bookstore and presentation venue located in Amsterdam's Red Light District, The Netherlands. Alongside a book selection which ranges from graphic design, artists' books, socio-political theory to experimental literature, San Serriffe runs an extensive weekly program of lectures, discussions, performances and exhibitions. These activities explore different forms of publishing as artistic practice where a book object does not merely function as the end result of a project, but can form the start of a new publishing activity which considers the book as a prompt for collective experience. San Serriffe was founded in 2011 by designer Elisabeth Klement and librarian Pieter Verbeke and has hosted over 500 events since its start. The program consists of local and international, younger as well as established artists, designers and writers.